Are you ready to get clear and step into the truth about your commitment to yourself and your greater vision?

I get it. For years I struggled with knowing that I was meant to do more and had a greater purpose, but couldn’t figure out what was getting in the way of that. I knew something was missing. I kept “trying” to be a certain way, but something was off.

I kept trying to figure it out by signing up for new programs,

and chasing new strategies, and continued to get frustrated. 

That is when I decided to commit to myself and to be open to what shifts would need to take place in order to support that vision. I was no longer available for the old patterns that had been holding me back. I was ready to step into something different. 

This is for you if you are:

  • Feeling disconnected or “off” from your vision or greater purpose

  • Feeling trapped in limiting beliefs or subconscious patterns, as if something is getting in the way and you haven’t been able to identify what that is

  • Having difficulty staying consistent with your goals

Are you ready to align your vision?

During this 45-minute one-on-one session, we will:

  • Help you get clear on your vision

  • Help you identify what's been holding you back the most

  • Assess where you are currently

  • Help you gain clarity on your commitment to yourself and your greater vision

This Complementary Session is Valued at $497

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Jennifer experienced a shift immediately after our clarity session:


I just experienced a SHIFT in the VALUE of my service with a session scheduled for in the morning. I’m recognizing what’s not a good fit... and raising my rates on my website right now!"

- Jennifer